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A Little Fun In The Snow

The guys decided to climb a few snow banks
after the last blizzard.
The Latest Addition
Here are a few pics of Jonathan's 78 Bronco which he picked up in August 2001

Jonathan's Old Truck
Here's a look at Jonathan's 86 truck just before we started working on it.
Passenger's door
As you can see, the bottom edge of the door was totally gone. There was also so much rot around the door handle, that the screws that atached it pulled right through the door.
OOPS I think we lost something
Here's a shot after we cut out the rear quarter panel. Before we replaced it we cleaned up the rust as best we could, and then used one of those rust inhibitive paints.

That's better
Here the new panel is welded in place, and primed.

It's held up pretty well
It' been about 19 months since we finished the body, and it looks pretty good. A couple of spots I'll need to touch up, but you get what you pay for!